3 Toxic Dating Habits Most Guys Think Are Normal

This is my real experience on best 5 serious dating websites. When I first started learning how to talk to women, I screwed up. A lot of. I said the wrong thing and made a fool of myself. I over-analyze every situation, which drives me crazy.

3 Toxic Dating Habits Most Guys Think Are Normal

I started dissecting every situation, and when I found out how to flirt, enjoy being with women, and make them feel great, I did my best. During this time, I had a great understanding of dating:

The habits I've learned from my friends and from watching others have completely destroyed my dating life. Typical responses to dating: meet a girl, get a lot of Numbers, and then hope to convince her that you're good enough to go on a date. That's not good for your success.

Fortunately, I've found what most men consider to be the 3 most harmful dating habits of all time and found a solution.

1.Treat phone Numbers as the Holy Grail.
I've found that my biggest bad habit with my clients and other guys who are learning dating techniques is that they over invest in getting a girl's phone number. They regard it as the Holy Grail. They think if they get a girl's phone number, it actually means something.

But here's the thing: girls usually give their phone Numbers to anyone who asks. I used to get Numbers everywhere. At parties, at friends' houses, in clubs, in libraries, in bookstores, in coffee shops.

But guess how many of these Numbers turn into dates? In fact, women on serious dating sites will give you their phone number because they are looking for a serious dating and relationship.

2.Lock down the date immediately so she doesn't break down.
Now, when you find a girl with whom you have a deep relationship and you decide to date her, the next step is to schedule a date. At this stage, the most harmful thing I've seen for men is that they set up a date right away, just like setting up an interview. This kills any attraction you initially build.

Texting dating is like asking a girl to put you on their agenda, like a business meeting. It's like saying to her, "come here." At this time. Let's go for a drink. Talk about boring questions you hate.

Instead, you should schedule a date like a friend - take your time. When you "drip" the details of your date, you will never be provoked. You get a good result.

3.Feel the need to impress her.
After setting up a date and knowing she won't go down, many men start to get nervous. They let the negativity affect their dating. When you think about it, you don't have to worry about impressing her. Because she just wants to impress you. Girls tend to care more about their image, so you need to take it easy and take your time.

You just need to dominate the interaction and focus on the connection with her. Anxiety and tension disappear in the first few minutes. If you do, you'll have a great date again and again.

Once these three bad habits are corrected, they can dramatically change the way you date. You'll ask for fewer Numbers, but you'll get more dates. Before joining any serious dating site, you need to remember to get rid of these bad habits.

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