7 Ways To Discover Narcissistic Women When Dating On Serious Dating Sites

When you're dating on serious dating sites, do you know how to spot narcissistic women on a date? What is a narcissistic woman? People often use the term "narcissist" when describing someone who is overconfident or ACTS arrogantly. While the term "narcissist" is most often associated with men, true narcissism is gender-neutral. Narcissistic personality disorder can occur in both men and women. If you date a true narcissist, your relationship is often fraught with pain and confusion, and it can seriously damage your self-esteem. So, to prevent you from dating a female narcissist, or to help you identify these signs, take a look at the following tips.

7 Ways To Discover Narcissistic Women When Dating On Serious Dating Sites

Tip 1: she dresses and behaves provocatively
First, let's start with what she wears and how she behaves. Although we all have the right to wear whatever we want and take as many selfies as we want to show how great we are. But narcissistic women tend to dress and act provocatively. There's a difference between walking with confidence and focusing on every aspect of your appearance. Does the woman you're dating spend more time taking selfies than she does with you? Did she wear a lot of makeup and a tight dress to your friend's birthday party? It's possible she's a narcissist.

Tip 2: sudden anger
Narcissistic women don't readily accept other people's opinions, try to compromise, or even do things that have nothing to do with self-actualization. When you argue with narcissists, they tend to get angry, and the end result is confusion and frustration. Narcissists often use emotional abuse strategies to gain the upper hand in arguments. Some examples of this include:

Threats and intimidation.

Yelling, belittling and bullying.

Tell a lie.

Repression of money, sex, communication, or affection.

Some people manipulate their victims with denial, lies, and guilt. Narcissists often use these phrases:

"I can't believe you're accusing me of that. It never happened, and you're crazy to think I would do that."

"I didn't yell at you. I never yelled at you -- I don't think you knew what that meant."

"I'm only angry because you made me angry. Why do you always make me do these things?"

Think about whether arguing with your partner will cause you more questions than answers? Do you find yourself feeling guilty even if you are not responsible for any wrongdoing? Keep in mind that these exhausting moments can be interrupted by positive reinforcement. You may suddenly come home to find that your date is complimenting you or being very nice to you. It's not a sign that she's getting better -- it's designed to keep you off balance so she can continue to control you.

Tip 3: you can't get a word in edgewise
When you're sitting with that woman, do you ever find yourself unable to get a word in edgeways? Even though she's sitting across from you, you still feel invisible? Do you feel like you've been listening to her but can't share anything with her about your day, your stress, your accomplishments, your life? A healthy relationship should be mutually accommodating, but narcissistic women are not.

In the eyes of narcissists, they are only self-centered. They love to talk endlessly about themselves -- often in exaggerated, grandiose terms -- and they want you to listen without ever having a chance to talk about yourself. In fact, a narcissistic woman may explode with anger if no one listens or tries to vent while you're at work.

Tip 4: she loves you crazy
Love bombing is a classic narcissistic personality trait, and the woman you started dating (or have started dating) may give you gifts and affection to earn your trust. In the early stages of dating, a bombshell may try to speed up the seriousness of the relationship by saying "I love you" too soon, describing the two of you as "soul mates" and talking about how they "never felt this way before." Although when you're infatuated with someone in the "honeymoon phase" of dating, it's hard to think of the behavior as sly, because the release of hormones that accompany infatuation can allow you to see another person through a heady lovesickness lens. But as time goes on, you'll find yourself in a huge web of love, and if you don't get out soon, you'll crash.

Tip 5: notice how she talks about her career
On the topic of career, narcissists may work hard to gain praise from others, and feel frustrated when their efforts are not seen. In short, narcissists are people you see at work who take others' ideas for themselves and get angry when they are praised because they think they are the best.

Narcissists, for their part, tend to take credit for your work, belittle you, beat you up, and become aggressive if you step into an area where they feel you're challenging their authority. When you work for a narcissist, you feel like you've been walking a fine line because you know your boss won't appreciate you, no matter how good you are.

But unless the narcissistic woman you're dating happens to be your co-worker, you won't be swayed by her narcissistic behavior on a professional level. So how do you see these red flags? Think about your conversation with her at work. How does she talk about her colleagues? How does she talk about her job performance? But taking pride in your work isn't necessarily a sign of narcissism. In fact, it would be nice if she took pride in her work. But notice the signs:

Will she bad-mouth her colleagues? Does she call them "imbeciles" or does she have other things that her colleagues don't like?

Does she boast that her performance is often appreciated by the leaders?

Does she seem to show off when she talks about her job?

Does what she says suggest that she believes -- or wants you to believe -- that her company would be a complete failure without her?

Many of us have jobs we love and work performance that we want to talk to our partners about, but at the same time, there are a lot of frustrations in any profession, and it's understandable that your date wants to vent. But there's a difference between anger and narcissism. Notice the way she talks about things on a professional level. Does it make your stomach feel a little sick? Then you're probably dealing with a narcissistic woman.

If you are dating or have been in a relationship with a narcissistic woman, it can be a very tiring and painful experience. Because narcissistic personality disorder is associated with manipulative tendencies and a lack of empathy, the pain one feels after the relationship ends can last for a long time. I fully understand your difficulties and if you feel this relationship is detrimental to your daily life, consider making an appointment for treatment. Or consider joining some serious dating websites for millionaire singles and rich singles with proven dating coaches that will help you find the perfect partner.

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