Dating-What To Do and Not To Do During the Holidays

For any couple dating on a top 5 serious dating site, the holiday can be an extremely painful time, whether or not they have been dating for a long time, months, or even a while.

Dating-What To Do and Not To Do During the Holidays

Although we don't have answers to most of your vacation dating questions, we can certainly give you some tips:

What to do:
1.Events speak for themselves more than gifts: gifts are extraordinary, but actions are better. Really, you can go to any lengths to get her jeweled studs, or you can get him a decent watch, but why not consider a nice serious dating experience? If you have the opportunity to cover the costs of weddings and blessings, don't use the date as an excuse to avoid buying gifts. Your accomplices will love this blessing anyway, if it's special enough, they'll always remember the moment. But don't go to your standard bar or restaurant. That must be some new place, or it would be silly.

2.Know his or her customs: if your partner likes to go to mass on Christmas Eve or some other time, be sure to go with that person. If you're a serious agnostic, at that point, your partner will likely be fully aware of your presence and will have a sense of unwelcoming (and enthusiastic) (though the truth is, neither of you may be able to stay together for long).

3.Listen: this is more of a relationship advice than just dating guidance, but it's especially necessary during the holidays. Your life partner will know you better. Men do the same - it's not just younger women who are less suggestive, they just prefer to be unobtrusive (in some cases too unobtrusive). They go down to say things about gifts, about occasions, about what to do on Christmas Eve (their chances of celebrating Christmas are slim), and so on. Focus.

What not to do:
1.Don't be too busy: this is a common problem for college candidates who don't know how to value their vacation time (can you blame them for the final exam?). Still, the issue doesn't just apply to them. Many individuals simply don't have time during the holidays, as agencies scramble to get their Numbers to show up at the end of previous monetary years and do their best to make money through the entertainment business. Still, unless you're President, you should be able to set aside a few minutes for your significant other (even President Obama occasionally goes to parties). Don't be a Yankee. Do some confession.

2.Don't be too hard on family: if you've been dating for more than a year and your partner doesn't want to see your family, you have a problem. Anyway, if the person you love needs to be with his or her family and you need to be with your family, there's nothing wrong with that. More importantly, if it's just two to three months, don't expect that person to rush to meet someone, especially during the holidays. It's painful and should be done at the right time, not on a noteworthy occasion.

3.Don’t act like a fool: most people like to drink at parties, etc., but don't act like a drunken fool at a bar, because that way people will think of "that drunken moron" the next day. Be direct when you're drinking, especially at work parties or family events. Whether at work or with family, no one is considered to be a date with a binge drinker. This applies not only to life, but also to serious dating agency.

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