Has Your Serious Relationship Matured

Any serious relationship needs to mature over time, and in the process, it is natural to endure some challenges and growing pains. During transitions and bumps, you may find yourself questioning your level of commitment and wondering if your relationship will really last. Getting back on track is a great feeling, but chronic dissatisfaction or doubt is a bad sign. While this may sound ambiguous, sometimes no big turning point changes how you feel. Many breakups are simply because you've grown up, or because one partner has changed and the other hasn't. Or your values and maturity levels are too different from theirs. It may be a harsh truth, but leaving a relationship that no longer benefits you is a must.

Has Your Serious Relationship Matured

So, if you're in a serious dating relationship with a rich man on a serious dating site, are you wondering if the relationship has matured? Now, consider these signs that your relationship has matured.

1. You're always picking fights
After the sweet period of a relationship, many conflicts come along. Regular arguments can be symbolic of unresolved issues in the relationship. If you have the same arguments and feel like neither of you is giving in, you may be extending the end of a broken relationship. You may subconsciously want your partner to leave you to protect yourself from the guilt associated with initiating a breakup. Maybe you don't want to break the other person's heart by leaving first, so picking a fight is a way to break up the relationship and prompt him or her to break up with you.

2. You're just not happy with your relationship
Perhaps you gradually feel dissatisfied or even unhappy in the relationship. Sometimes you feel lost in a failed relationship. It may be hard to figure out what has changed, but you have lost your passion and the relationship no longer brings you joy and satisfaction. You may feel more fulfilled from other relationships, look forward to spending time outside of your relationship, and feel the need for space. Maybe you want to focus on personal growth and work for yourself, but you don't feel like you have much to give.

3. There's a big gap between your values
In the beginning, we change ourselves because we fall in love. But over time, we mature and our values drive our choices. So if your values are different from your partner's, you're likely to be frustrated. Joint decisions can feel impossible. Different opinions and different goals can create a natural disconnect and prevent your relationship from standing the test of time.

4. You fantasize about being with someone else
A relationship tends to be flat in the later stages, when people are least tested. At some point, if you make different choices in your relationships, it's natural for you to fantasize about what your life will be like. It's normal to be attracted to others. However, if the other person occupies your thought space and you fantasize about cheating or leaving your relationship for someone else, it's fair for you and your partner to consider ending your relationship.

5. Your partner holds you back
In a healthy and stable relationship, your partner will be there to support your decisions and help you. Now that your partner is trying to hold you back, will you lose yourself in order to please your partner? Or give up your major dreams and goals to keep your partner? Terrible. It's not healthy for your mental health and the future of your relationship. Watch out for red flags that, in extreme cases, can become red flags, including your partner resenting your success, preventing you from forming friendships, isolating you from loved ones, and acting paranoid or overly defensive.

6. There's no passion in the bedroom or in the conversation
If you don't have the same passion for your partner now that you started out with, you may become uncaring about him, you may not talk loudly or fight, you may start to ignore your partner and let things go because you no longer exist or invest. While you shouldn't be as passionate as you were in the early days of dating as your relationship evolves and the years go by, trying to maintain or rekindle your passion, love, and desire can go a long way in a mature relationship.

7. You're embarrassed for your partner
You may be embarrassed by the things that attracted you to your partner in the past, which could be a sign that your relationship has come to an end. If something your loved one did is now embarrassing you in public, or you're upset with your partner, it's time to move on. If you feel like you have to hide your relationship from friends and family because you're embarrassed, it's a sign that something is wrong with you and you want to get out of the relationship.

8. You imagine a different future
In the early days of your relationship, you and your partner planned a lot about your future together. Now, your dream future isn't about the two of you. Chances are, your feelings have changed and your relationship isn't a priority anymore. Regardless of your partner's attitude, making plans without him or her is definitely a sign that you're moving away from him or her.

9. You don't enjoy activities together anymore
If you're no longer interested in the activities you used to do together and your partner is still interested, it could be a sign that you've matured and that past activities are no longer for you. Or if you still enjoy old activities and your partner invites you to explore new activities together, it shows that he has matured. However, if you can come up with some new couples activities that resonate with both of you, you will create opportunities for growth now and in the future. However, if your partner insists on not talking to you or exploring new interests with you, it's best to continue with like-minded people. Or if you're stuck with your old hobby, your partner is just not for you.

I know you want you and your partner to grow together, but sometimes things don't work out. Know that it's okay to be honest about your feelings and allow yourself to end the relationship. Breaking up can be painful, but the constant torment of being in a painful relationship can be even more painful, or you know deep down that you're settling down. And, most importantly, take seriously any intuition you have about your partner or relationship. Since you've chosen to join some serious dating websites and date, it's clear that deep down you still want a mature and stable relationship.

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