How to Politely Decline an Online Date

No one likes to be a villain, and no one wants to be the bearer of bad news. But sometimes we have to be the bad guy, so how do you handle it properly? For example, when you're dating on a professional dating site, or a serious dating website for serious relationship, do you have a way to politely decline an online date invitation? Here are some tips for letting your partner down at different stages of courtship.

How to Politely Decline an Online Date

At the beginning
If you're not interested in your date in the first place, you can ignore the messages (no replies) because you don't know him or her enough to upset him or her. That doesn't mean polite. The best way to respond is, especially if the other person takes the time to get detailed information about you. If someone takes the time to mention the details of your profile, you can at least politely decline so you can end up with it.

If you've been chatting
Most people want to get out of the conversation when they feel they have no interest in the other person. If you only talk a few times, or if your conversation is short, it's best to stop immediately. But if you want to end things in a respectful way, be honest. Tell them what you're thinking and why you don't want to move on. Thank them for their conversation and make it clear that you no longer want to move forward.

After the first date
When you have a good chat on the site, there may be a first date. Everyone realizes that moving from online to face-to-face communication can change that dynamic. It can be scary to say no when you've met once, but don't procrastinate. If you think there's no chemistry, don't waste each other's time. Be honest with them about something positive, then let them know that you don't feel connected, thank them for their time, and politely decline.

After a few dates
It may be that after a few dates, you find that you're not the right person for each other and, therefore, want to end the relationship, but it can be the hardest situation to turn down. Especially if you're already getting to know each other well enough, saying no can be very damaging. But the longer the pain, the shorter the pain, now to refuse good to everyone, should wait until after entering the marriage hall to refuse it? The consequences would then be unthinkable.

At the end of the day, follow your heart and treat them the way you want. If you're not interested in them, have the courage to let them know so you can move on. No matter what dating site you're on, any professional dating site will give you some dating advice.

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