How to Stand Out From All Her Other Dates

We all know that most women are picky about who they meet through various dating sites, such as millionaire dating sites, date a rich engineer, elite dating sites, etc. So the average woman has a lot of first dates.

How to Stand Out From All Her Other Dates

She's been through a lot of equally boring conversations. She was asked the same question. She had the same experience. After those mediocre dates, she sent me countless text messages, "I had a great time, but I just don't see you that way...

In fact, women are still the gatekeepers. They are the ones who can decide whether a potential romantic relationship will develop in the future.

When it comes to online serious arrangements, women have a lot of guys throwing themselves at them, which makes the situation even worse.

You're going to stand out from the other dates she's on.
It's kind of like a bird of paradise courtship dance. They show off their unique colors, show off their clothes and jump around like crazy to get their partners' attention. They know they have to be memorable to improve their chances of being picked. Female birds don't react to a little bit of color and some faint hops. Human courtship rituals are no different. We just have a more modern, less spasmodic version.

Unfortunately, many men do the exact opposite of what they do. They proceed with caution. They don't want to do anything unexpected, for fear it will upset the girl. They try to fit in. This will only make you another faceless, forgettable first date memory. If you want to make your date romantic and lead to more dates, you need to be memorable.

Take her to a different place.
Almost every man takes a girl out for coffee, drinks or dinner. This is no longer attractive to girls. After a while, those ordinary first dates were like scenes from an indie game. You can imagine a girl sitting on a chair in a coffee shop or restaurant and you'll see a quick cut. She had the same insouciant expression, with only her costumes, decor and the men around her changing.

I don't understand why everyone does the same thing when there are endless dating ideas. Use a little creativity. Think about what you like to do and take her to places that other men haven't given her.

You can also act with your date to create a richer experience. Drink coffee first, then take a walk at the nearby botanical garden. Have a drink and grab some ice cream by the water. Have a light dinner and then go to the gym to relax. That way, when she looks back on the day, it feels like you've had a great adventure together, even if only for a few hours.

Believe as long as you insist on above, Surprising a girl with something she's never thought of will only make her more curious about what else you can offer. It can also make your relationship longer term.

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