What Is Wrong With Men About Love

Love is the spice of life and something indispensable. For some, love is a colorful ribbon; For some, love is ruby rose petals and boxes of chocolates. For some, love is a journey around the world for two people. Whatever it is, love itself is a fascinating concept. It can be invisible and sometimes subjective. You can't dig for love on the ground, you can't detect it in the air, you can't detect it in the blood. It has only existed in some form for thousands of years, and its presence (and absence) has had a world-shaking effect.

What Is Wrong With Men About Love

However, there are also numerous misunderstandings about love. What's even scarier is that some men grow up with no clear idea of what love is, what it means, and even dangerous, unhealthy thoughts. However, it is not always their fault. As boys grow up, they are taught about love and relationships by their parents, peers, and the popular culture around them. Whatever you believe, when it comes to love, here are some lessons you should consider, compiled by dating experts from serious dating sites, to help you have a longer and more serious relationship.

Love is more than sexual attraction
Many people think of love as sexual attraction, but it goes beyond that. While sexual attraction is a powerful force, there's a reason some people use the cliché "I love you" for the first time during sex. In the heat of the moment, you will feel this saying is quite true, no other words can properly express the depth of passion you feel. But good sex is a bit like drugs; It can influence your thoughts and actions, make you do and feel things you would not do otherwise; It has also been shown to make people more open and talkative. But if you have strong feelings about your sexual partner that you don't interact with outside of sex, or if you like having sex with someone but don't like hanging out with them before or after sex, then it might be a stretch to call that feeling love. You might just like sex, not the person.

Research shows that many men express themselves through their bodies in life. So it's no surprise that direct attraction prompts many men to think about sexual chemistry. It's a way of expressing attraction and love in their more familiar language. The land of language, especially emotional issues, is unfamiliar to many men and makes them feel that they are not deep enough to express love meaningfully without continuing to consciously learn how to express it. So, they prefer to use sex.

However, love is how you feel about someone, not only when you're in bed together, but also when you're taking care of them when they're sick, or when you take a walk and talk with each other at night. It contains everything about a person, not just what they look like and what they look like in bed.

Love doesn't show up quickly
In most people's minds, women are more likely than men to express their feelings and say "I love you" first. Whatever the truth is, it doesn't mean that men haven't had a history of saying it first. In fact, some studies have shown that men fall in love earlier than women, they just aren't good at expressing and sharing their partner's love. In contrast, women are more likely to express their feelings directly, in sharp contrast to men. However,

No matter who says it first, it's easy to mistake feelings like "I really like being with you," "I really like you," or "we're comfortable together" for true love. Rushing to say "I love you" can cause your date to misunderstand your intentions and the seriousness of your relationship. It can either convince them you're doing something long-term when you're not, or it can scare them into thinking you're going to propose when you're not. Either way, this is an opportunity for misunderstanding.

So don't say love too soon. The exact time to say "I love you" for the first time is hard to pin down. If you only date for a few weeks, your high level of happiness and enjoyment does not necessarily form a lasting bond that will stand the test of time.

Love doesn't just happen
You've probably seen it on TV or in the movies all the time; Love at first sight is when a man expresses his love for a woman he barely knows at first sight. The other is usually a beautiful woman, he looks at her from a distance, fascinated by her, but the main constant is that he firmly believes that he loves this person. In fact, sometimes this person feels flattered, but more often they feel scared because they don't have a strong bond with each other. It's possible to have a strong feeling for someone you don't know, but it's not love, it's infatuation.

This unhealthy, unrealistic romantic tendency may be caused by what I call a 'lack of romance,' a perceived lack of dating options. If a man feels he lacks quality romantic options, he pays too much attention to a person, even if he doesn't know them. He thinks he's in love, but it's really just a crush, from too much attention and too few dates. He 'falls in love' with someone he hardly knows and thinks he is that person. So trying to woo someone by saying "I love you" or making big romantic gestures doesn't make you look loving and attractive, it makes you look a little unbalanced. It's hard to really say you love someone until you really know them. It's a normal reaction.

Finally, if a man have a better understanding of what love is - a feeling that, through a long time to understand others, want to close to them, support them, help them to be happy - as a society, we may find it easier to realize some things, we call it a romantic is violent, control, toxic, incompetent, or unhealthy. Love is neither an easy thing nor a difficult thing. It is only for you to feel it. If you have more questions about love, follow our website SeriousDatingSites.org.

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