What Men Never Want To Hear Women Say on Their First Date

Women, when you get a date, you have to say something right, not wrong. Especially on a serious dating site for millionaire matchmaker.

What Men Never Want To Hear Women Say on Their First Date

Here are 5 practical first date misdemeanors on a top serious dating site, so you have to find ways to avoid them and how you can turn the same statements into meaningful first date conversations. After all, you want him to be attracted to you and ask you on a second date.

You're ugly.
Shane, a member of the site, said: "I was dating a 20-year-old model and she was rude to me. When I first asked her why she agreed to come on a date, she said it was because she didn't know what I looked like before. "Wow, that's really gross and irritating." Remember the old saying: "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Sometimes, you don't want a second date. That's OK.

Meet my parents.
Pay attention, ladies. "Would you like to see my parents right away? (Or next week). The first time you mention this, it not only shows that you are too anxious, but also makes men afraid to approach.

Let's name the baby.
Jason Nike, 28, a life coach and relationship expert, said he skipped the dating stage on his first date and went straight to the kids, when she blew it. She thought aloud, "what do you think our child's name will be?" He continued, "I wouldn't date a woman if I knew there was absolutely no future, but that doesn't mean I want to start planning my future with her on the first date." Relationships are built over time. If she's already planning our child's name, she's moving too fast, and I can't go out with her anymore. She could be a teacher in a Charlie brown comic strip. All Jason heard was "whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa." He told me that the worst was her.

I'm pregnant.
If you've just been in a relationship and you're pregnant, you might as well not start dating, or wait until after you have kids to start dating as a single mom. Because no man likes to date a woman who is pregnant. Even if you tell your partner frankly at the beginning, he may not accept it and may even have a bad impression on you.

Will you sponsor me?
Although we all know that serious dating sites are mostly rich or elite singles, according to a recent survey of hundreds of members of the site, it’s impolite to ask if you can afford financial support on your first date, and it's the most objectionable conversation.

Women, remember not to make these 5 mistakes when you're dating men, especially wealthy elite singles on serious dating sites!

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